Mrs. Jenny


THIS YEAR WE ARE GIVING BACK! Any order that uses Codes Jenny10 or Jenny20, we will donate 10-20% of their order to a current cancer patient with Stage 4 Non Hodgkin Lymphoma and a mother of 3! We found Mrs. Jenny on Tiktok and instantly became connected and felt it was time we tried everything we could to give those boys a great Christmas! Considering the obvious circumstances. No extra money is needed from you! We are taking the donations straight from your order and sending it her! If you would like to follow more on this please join us on Tiktok @dragupcoffee and @dragupcoffee_ THANK YOU! 


Jenny10 (Cancer patient we are supporting!) - 10% off your order and we donate another 10% to Jenny and her family!

Jenny20 (Cancer patient we are supporting!) - 1% off your order and we donate 20% of your order to her and her family!