Richards Heart Disease – Richard

Let us tell you about Richard Yates.

Richard loves his family, friends, and most of all FISHING! Most weekends you will find him wetting a line on Lake Conroe or down at the bay. This guy has never stopped dating his wife despite being married for decades. They listen to music on the porch for hours, dance in the moonlight, go for drives & talk about their dreams.

 His wife Hillary, his kids, and grandkids make up the sum of his world.

He needs them & they need him!

About 7 months ago Richard started a fight that hasn’t let up. He underwent a quintuple bypass and aneurysm repair. Since then he has been on a rollercoaster; in and out of the hospital multiple times. As a result, he lost his job and hasn’t been able to start another one.

Through all life’s ups and downs, Richard maintains a sense of humor. He would like to remind everyone of one of life’s greatest lessons…Don’t be a Richard!